I remember exactly where I was when I told Jason I was pregnant. I was standing on my friends staircase and Jason had just walked into her front door with three cups of coffee. My friend Emily was at the bottom of the staircase and I had just finished telling her I wasn’t sure how Jason would react to the news and was nervous. The door opened and before he could even say a word I blurted “I’m pregnant!”. I remember Emily bouncing her focus back and forth between us as we all waited for his response. His reply: “No way”, but that was paired with a big smile that stretched across his face. 

It was a shock because science was against the idea since I was in my 40’s, convincing me that I had missed the boat. Most women know that when you blow out those candles on your 35th birthday cake it also comes with the knowledge that you’re now officially “geriatric” in the pregnancy world. Try any google search and it will remind you that getting pregnant naturally just plummeted at the big ole’ 35. 


Like mother like daughter. That’s me on the left and my Ruby on the right.

Cut to now, Ruby my daughter is now 6 months old. All those things parents use to say to me now make sense. The unconditional love, the nonstop photo taking, the pride over every little darn thing they do. And I’m excited that tomorrow will be my very first mothers day. A day of gratitude for the hardest job in the world held by one of the most influential and powerful people in most people’s lives. Yet for somebody who takes up so much space in our hearts and lives, moms are suspiciously absent from our photos!

This blog is dedicated to all those awesome moms who I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. The ones who jumped in front of my lens to model with their most special human on the planet. Who allowed me to capture the bond that I now understand on a completely different level. I’m hitting the archives for this one to showcase my favorites for this very unique, unprecedented and incredible special Mother’s Day. 

Looking forward to photographing everyone again in the late summer/fall when we book most of our family portraits. 


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