It’s awesome when your dream shoot falls in your lab. It’s even more awesome when it falls in your lap over free sushi. The piece of uni had almost reached my mouth when the creator and president of Baskitwear asked me if I’d like to shoot the Fireman’s Calendar event down in Denver. I had heard of this event, for I almost forked over $80 to go to it last year. It reminded me of the show Chippindales which I had seen at the tender age of 14 in Vegas with my older sister. Half naked hunky men isn’t really my thing often, but every once in awhile who doesn’t want that add on for a perfect girl’s night out?

Baskitwear was one of the head sponsors and had donated underwear for the fireman to wear underneath their “turn out” pants. At the end of the show they’d be walking the cat walk with only their pants and suspenders on and I was to capture the prime real estate of the elastic Baskit underwear band sticking out. “Oh Definitely!” I said “but I wanna make sure I can get backstage if possible.” In my opinion backstage is always where the great shots are. Whenever I shoot any event I request full range of the place. At arrival I stake out key shooting spots so I can go from A to B to C back to A in less then 5 minutes with no hassles from employees and making sure I don’t block any audience members. Most of the time I”m the only photographer shooting for a particular client at an event so it’s important to me to try and cover every angle of the show.

I took my best girlfriend/assistant to the show with me. We met the employees who would be letting me in and out of backstage. I also introduced myself to the people in the front row where I was going to be staked out for certain shots. I found a step ladder for me to use backstage for shooting as it was only a small curtained off room and soon to be filled with 45 firemen. I needed an angle to shoot this crowd cause for once I simply wasn’t tall enough to achieve the shots I wanted.

About an hour later Mr. January, February, March and the gang arrived. Sweet as can be and hot as hell. It was one of those rare moments where I was quiet as a mouse giggling like a geisha as they strolled in one by one laughing, hugging one another and catching up. All the men were real fireman and from Colorado so the districts were coming together for this event, a fundraiser benefit for The Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Center. Some of them were months in the Fireman’s calendar, others were there as hopefuls for next year’s shoot.

The night was amazing as I shot the boys backstage lifting weights, doing push ups and sit ups before going on stage. This helped in getting their blood going making their muscles more temporarily defined and bigger. I couldn’t believe how built they all were! Most of them could pass for models in Muscle magazines.They all kept joking around as they lathered themselves in oil jumping around getting pumped for the show. Moods were happy and sweet. Nothing better than being flattered while being altruistic!

I managed to get all the angles I wanted to achieve throughout the night by running back and forth from the stage to our curtained off area 30 feet away. Below are the shots. Was an enjoyable 3 hours of shooting. Enjoy!

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