Every so often I get that ideal job with the ideal client and it’s something NEW. This was the case with Everette. I had never photographed a professional ballerina in the studio before so when Everette wanted to hire me for some portraits I was all in. She had found me on Instagram which was a rarity, since I was a little late to the Instagram game (Facebook is a different story), so I don’t get a ton or work from it. A professional ballet trainee with the Colorado ballet, Everette danced with them this season in the Nutcracker. Gorgeous & talented I was a little anxious about the shoot simply because I don’t photograph dancers and there are a couple Colorado photographers whom that’s ALL they shoot. However, that’s what Everette wanted. At 16 years old she was already thinking outside the box, looking for a photographer who could bring something different to the table. We discussed styles, colors, outfits and feels and when the day came there was a lot of creative play. It’s wonderful to have a job where the client gives you some direction, but let’s you do your thing while still being an active partner in its creation. Think I may have found a new favorite subject to photograph: ballerinas.

Below are a few of my favorites from our shoot, shot in my photo studio in North Boulder.



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