This past year I started photographing dogs in the studio (vs location) because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to spend all day working with dogs? I am one of the few working pet photographers producing portraits of this quality here in Colorado. I have a new spacious studio in north Boulder with everything I need for creating these high quality pet portraits.

When you get to the studio we take careful steps to insure your pet is calm and happy to be here. Your pup is free to roam and explore the studio environment for as long as they need. When we do start we have a variety of snacks and treats if they need encouragement or if they’re just being a good boy or girl.

When photographing dogs it is important to me that I use a solid color backdrop. This results in a minimal and clean look isolating the subject and really capturing their face and expression without any environmental distractions. The lighting that I use makes them pop from the background which creates a dynamic portrait.  Every dog is unique and different, but my lighting is generally the same. However, when it comes to darker fur we power up the lights so no information is lost in their coats. For those that have  dark brown or black dogs I’m sure you’ve run into the issue where they just turn into a dark blob in your phone photos. This is not the case when they’re photographed with my lights in the studio.

Owners can expect their digital images within a week to post onto social media and share with friends and family. High res downloads and prints can be purchased at an additional cost.

Below are a few of my favorites photos from our dog sessions in the past few months. Just like children they’re expressions range all over the place in a short period of time. Showcasing expressions that are honest and real which makes them especially lovable.



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