Let’s be real, unless you’re a professional model you probably hate being in front of the camera. Hence why so many people cringe when they hear the word “headshot”. 

Having your headshot taken doesn’t have to be a painful process and most of the time the reaction from my clients after their session is “that wasn’t so bad!”. Yep, I take that as a compliment. 

From the very beginning I walk you through the process of getting your most flattering headshot so that there are no surprises. Right up until the session itself we discuss the points below. 



We begin with outdoors vs the studio.

What is most complimentary to you and what you do?

The outdoors can make a headshot more casual and friendly.


The studio is more modern, classic and timeless. 



If you’ve chosen outdoors we go over locations that I use,

or any that you really love. 

For a studio headshot we decide on a backdrop. 

Black, grey, white or perhaps you’d like a color. 



What you wear is incredibly important. Not everything photographs well, even if you love how you look in it.

I send over a list of clothing suggestions along with examples of what works. You can bring a few options DAY OF if you want so we can decide together. 

Darker colors and layers work really well. For women minimalist jewelry will create a more timeless portrait. 



Once we have all of the above plus a date/time you arrive for your session and I will direct you on how to pose. There are angles that are more flattering than others. After doing this for almost two decades I know exactly what those are, so you don’t have to stress about it. That’s also why the session doesn’t last forever. You’re not paying me for my time, you’re paying me for the expertise of how to get that perfect shot in a short amount of time. 



Standard headshot sessions run about 30-40 minutes and includes two outfit changes. Fee is 275.00 and includes two retouched high res files both in color and black and white. More headshots can be ordered and retouched at 17.00 each. More extensive headshots are available if one would like another backdrop option, more outfits and full length. 



Retouching includes hair flyaways, shine, diminishing of eye bags, wrinkles etc. I won’t make you look 20 years younger cause that would be creepy, but I will make you look like the “best version of yourself.” 



Just email me at marla@marlarutherford.com and we’ll get started. 

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