Not much happened this year. Except that I got married, moved to a new home, my husband switched jobs, we finished renovation on my photo studio, my father was diagnosed with cancer and oh I had a baby. All of which mostly happened in six months. So yeah to say that this year was the most life changing one of all is an understatement. And between all of that I had over 65 photo shoots and we started renting out my studio.

Thanks to my husband’s help both on photo shoots and at home we survived the year intact and our faces still look relatively young, plus my photo assistant who has been with me forever. Figuring out my new role as a mama with a successful business has been a crazy feat, but an awesome one for I thrive off challenge. Having an established client base has certainly helped.

I was going to dive into the emotional impact my father’s diagnosis had on me mentally, the incredible wedding we put together in 31 days, and one of the most painful yet rewarding experiences of giving life, but it’s all too hard to put into words and I’m not a writer. So to put it in simple terms my life changed drastically in a blink of eye but isn’t that what life is? Unpredictable, exciting, yet also exhausting.  So in typical Marla fashion I’m not surprised that my 2019 year went down the way it did, ending this twenty-tens decade of hard work & struggles with some amazing accomplishments and life changing curve balls.

Big thanks to family, friends and clients who made this year amazing, went along for the ride, supported us along the way and made it all go more smoothly. Below are my top photos from the year, most of which were from our dog shoots which I really focused on this year in my studio.

So here’s to 2019 and looking forward to 2020!



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