2018 was one for the books. Two of my lifelong dreams were accomplished. First I went to Antarctica, a mysterious place I wanted to visit since I was 16 years old. My goal was to spend my milestone birthday on an iceberg at the end of the world and did just that. Second dream came true almost 4 months later when I took a chance and purchased a 1500 square foot photo studio in North Boulder. I closed the doors to the tiny office I was renting and moved into my new space in June.

My clients almost doubled this year as it has been for the past few years. Specifically my event photography, most of which was bar and bat mitzvahs. I was so busy with work and studio rehab that my social life took a hit and learning how to still find balance didn’t get any easier. Whoever said “When you find your passion you don’t have to work another day in your life” certainly does not apply to me.

I worked hard, sacrificed weekends, dealt with some pretty demanding clients and at times wondered why the heck I decided to be a professional photographer.  To top it all off we left behind a 1,000 dollar lens on a shoot, dropped another in the sand, broke an expensive photo light when it fell in the wind and my 2TB hard drive crashed (it was all backed up) in the middle of my busy season.  It was one of the worst years I had when it came to equipment fails.

Always in the end though it’s worth it. The struggle is part of the journey and here’s a little personal secret … I embrace the struggle. My clients and their stories, their energy and variety keep me going and loving what I do. There’s nothing more rewarding than creating beautiful art for them and for me as well. It’s what has kept me shooting full time for 15 years.

Below are my top 50 photos from the whirlwind year. Looking forward to another and all the ups and downs that come with it.

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  1. Love your stuff. Would love to see all your Antarctica pics ? is it ok to share your stuff on my Facebook?

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