Every year I shoot the 1940’s World War II Ball at the Boulder airport and this year was one of the best! With over 2,500 people running around, dressed to the nine in 1940’s attire, I felt transported back in time. A time when women actually wore high heels, not Birkenstocks, men asked you politely for a dance, rather than grinding up on you drunk at a club, and the baby boomers hadn’t grown up yet and messed up this ____. In any case my friend Khyentse, creator of the event, pulled it off again. Old bombers, burlesque dancers, swing dancing, play gambling, photo booths, vintage vendors, great food, fun drinks, etc. It had it all, even an amazing lightning storm that took place throughout the night in the distance. I got lucky and was able to capture it in a few shots like in the first image below. No photoshop. Looks like War of the World’s!

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